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“Finding and Freeing Your Voice” sessions!

What does that mean? The possibilities abound!

I have worked with students of all ages and on many different aspects of the voice for over 35 years.

Perhaps you want to work with developing a healthy, free, expressive and reliable speaking voice to communicate with ease in  your daily life.

Or, you are a teacher and want to be able to deliver your message with vocal clarity and projection.

Or perhaps you have always loved to sing and “just want to be able to carry a tune” or flourish even more as a singer.

Maybe you are preparing for a singing gig or audition, and want some extra help with your songs.

Depending upon your own personal reason for working with your voice, we will cater the sessions to work with your intention. Together, we will create a safe environment so you can explore and express your voice, utilizing many different techniques and ideas, including movement!

Trust Your Voice Guided Audio Meditation

Trust Your Voice: a guided meditation accompanied by Jennifer playing alchemy singing crystal bowls to tune into and open your throat chakra to help you express with more freedom and ease.

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