Complete Set of 3 Guided Audio Meditations


Includes set of 3 Guided Meditations.


Trust Your Voice (20 min)
Peace and Calming (20 min)
Attuning Your Chakras (20 min)



Download immediately available after purchase.

This set of 3 guided meditations includes:

Trust Your Voice: a guided meditation accompanied by Jennifer playing alchemy singing crystal bowls to tune into and open your throat chakra to help you express with more freedom and ease.

20 minutes


Peace and Calming: a guided meditation accompanied by Jennifer’s music to help you transcend stress and shift your state to help you relax and think clearly.

20 minutes


Attuning Your Chakras: a guided meditation accompanied by Jennifer’s harmonious music to help you clear, activate and balance your energy to help you feel more connected to the full spectrum of who you are.

20 minutes


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