Special Events & Retreat Opportunities

Details for upcoming special events in Southwest Florida will be coming soon!


I am available for your personal or small group retreat right in your own home or private space with movement, meditation and music offerings…

Retreat Menu:

Divine Feminine Dance and Meditation: Dancing to move your body and emotional energy. Embrace your feminine essence by tuning into different archetypes to feel the full spectrum of who you are as a woman.

Feel your vitality with conscious guided movement to a wide variety of music to experience more joy, freedom, power, flow, grace, sensuality, playfulness and pleasure to more fully embrace your inner goddess! 1.5 hours.

Dancing the chakras: Dancing with conscious movement to a wide variety of music to clear, activate and balance the energies of your entire chakra system. 1 hour.

Trust Your Voice! Exploring the power and possibility of the sounding of your own voice combined with gentle movement with music to learn some tools and techniques to cultivate healthy expression in your voice to speak with vocal clarity, ease, power and projection. 1 or 2 hours.

Sound healing ceremony with breathwork, guided meditation and alchemy singing crystal bowls, flow chimes and koshi chimes personalized for your intention to relieve stress and restore harmony. 1 hour.

Diving into your senses: A guided experience in nature to tune into your senses with guided journaling as a support. 1 hour.

Guided Meditation with breathwork to help you find peace…body, mind and spirit. 30 min.

Self-Care…supportive AND pleasurable practices! Creating daily habits that work for you and are sustainable to support you in your optimal wellness, joy and vitality. Includes guided journaling. 1 hour.

Connecting to pleasure! Connecting to pleasure as a frequency of love, a balm for anxiety, a delightful elixir and a celebration of the essence of who you are! Includes guided journaling. 1 hour.

Own Your Own Glow! Divine Feminine Dance, meditation, journeling and guided exploration of ways to “Own Your Own Glow!” Learn energetic practices to contain, protect, renew and sustain your energy. We can grow and blossom no matter where we are, no matter what our circumstances. 1.5 hours

Moving WITH Grief: Honor, express and be witnessed and held in your grief in a safe space. Learn tools for coping with and moving with all your emotions during loss and grief. Includes movement, breathwork, guided meditation, and guided journaling. May include Reiki, EFT and other beneficial healing modalities to embrace feelings of hope and peace on your journey back to wholeness after loss. 1.5 hours

Thriving (not just surviving!) as an Empath: Self-care for empaths and highly sensitive people…learn tools, techniques and strategies to protect yourself energetically, establish healthy boundaries, and reclaim your energetic body so that you can prevent overload and thrive as an empath and highly sensitive person. 1.5 hours

Choose Happy: Divine Feminine Dance, meditation, journeling and guided exploration to consciously CHOOSE HAPPY moment by moment, day by day and ultimately year by year so you can enjoy life with more joy, pleasure, and fulfillment. Connecting to your body and elevating your spirit! 1.5 hours

Let’s Explore the Possibilities!


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