“After a session with Jennifer I feel…

cared for,
inspired and

Jennifer is always calm, present and supportive for her students, yet challenging.  She moves you outside your comfort zone in a way that will surprise and delight you!”

– Carolyn


I have been studying voice weekly in person on Maui with Jennifer Loftus for almost four years. Prior to our lessons, I had sung in group settings but felt uncomfortable singing alone. Through her encouragement, I have learned techniques to develop my voice and discovered that I have a coloratura range! I am excited that in my 70’s I am now on a new path of learning art song and opera arias and learning more about music each week…the journey has been so fulfilling. Jennifer is very knowledgeable, supportive, and positive and I look forward each week to our lesson.

 – Jackie

A session with Jennifer is so much more than singing.  I originally came to prepare for an audition and show,  but once I became comfortable with the music, which didn’t take long with her guidance, our focus shifted towards holistic healing and freeing up the voice as a way to speak your truth.

Jennifer has incredible knowledge to share and we had a wonderful time exploring the myriad  modalities she draws from to offer a session that is unique and specific to your needs that day.

Her intuitive teaching includes not only expertise in singing and the nuances of the breath and voice, but also  breath work, movement, energy work, imagery, and my favorite, crystal singing bowls.  In addition to all of this, her lessons are fun.  Jen is one of the most generous teachers I have ever had the privilege of knowing.  Our sessions together have profoundly impacted my life in an unexpected and positive way, I walk away from each session feeling energized and balanced.  I am  grateful for every session we have had together and for all the sessions yet to come!

– Sonja

Jennifer has helped me overcome my fears of performing in public. I had a performance recently before a couple of thousand people and I felt more comfortable than in any performance previously before a much smaller crowd. Jennifer gives her students tools to deal with our fears and insecurities to allow us to deliver the best we have for the audience.  With Jennifer, I enjoy the journey!

– Johnny C.

Jennifer Loftus is unlike any other vocal coach I’ve ever had.  She really goes out of her way to be welcoming, calming, and full of positive energy, which makes for productive lessons.  Her own energy helps me take risks and step out of my comfort zone and prepare for any song that comes my way.

– Dina

I have had many private voice lessons with Jennifer, From her diverse background, she had the ability to connect with my vocal challenges and was intuitive and innovative in helping me move through them with grace and humor.

– Doris

I looked forward to every lesson with Jennifer. In the beginning, I didn’t even feel confident humming a tune. She worked with me every step of the way until I could finally sing louder than the piano and confidently belt out a tune from any book on the shelf. Jennifer Loftus gave me confidence in singing and more importantly in myself. Her teaching is one of a kind.

– Eilish


Returning to both the piano with Jennifer after years of other life priorities has been a wonderful gift to myself. Her expertise and positive energy makes each lesson the high point of my week. Jennifer creates a safe space for learning. My brain is stimulated, my creativity awakened, and my spirit elevated after each lesson.”

– Rita

I highly recommend Jennifer Loftus for private piano teaching and tutoring.  After being away from playing any musical instrument for 25 years, I came to Jennifer to rekindle my interest in music and improve my piano skills.   Jennifer worked with me to advance my skills in a way that seemed uniquely tailored to my tastes.  Even with a full time career and teenage children (or maybe because of a full time career and teenage children), I felt inspired by Jennifer to practice almost daily and found myself really looking forward to my weekly lessons.  Jennifer helped me improve my technique without requiring that I work on monotonous scales; she taught me interpretations of some of my favorite classical and jazz pieces; and she provided tips for arranging other favorite songs using a Fake Book.  Perhaps most importantly, she encouraged my writing and re-arranging of original songs I have written over the years.  Jennifer’s guidance and proficiency at the piano helped me take my skills to the next level and did so in a very positive way, encouraging me to focus on the music that inspired my passions.  In short, she helped bring music back into my life.

– John

Jennifer is an expert in music; her knowledge base covers so many aspect of teaching piano.  For example, lessons were about the notes, the theory, the musicality, and the expression.  But most of all Jennifer teaches me the joy music brings to your life.  

– Joyce

Jennifer is the best teacher I have ever had. She creates a safe environment in which I have explored then expanded my abilities. She encourages, but never demands, more than I am comfortable in  giving or trying. Yet, when I am ready, she fully supports me to become more than I thought I ever could.


Singing Crystal Bowls

A sound bath with Jennifer is so healing for me.
Bliss. Pure Bliss.

– Grace

A singing crystal bowl session transcends me to a place where I am so deep into a meditative state, that I am completely lost in a deep relaxation. It clears my mind, body and soul with vibrations that sound so beautiful and dig so deep into my healing process. There is nothing else with which to compare. Heavenly.

– Susan

After a singing bowl session with Jennifer, I feel a “re-set” in my body like nothing else I have ever experienced. It soothes my mind, rejuvenates my body and nourishes my spirit.

– Kendra

Divine Feminine Dance

I’ve been dancing in Jennifer’s class for 6 years. Dancing with Jennifer has physical, mental and even spiritual benefits. It affects your mind, body and soul. I love the variety and I call it my healing dance class.

– Lily

Jennifer’s class is the highlight of my week! Exercise for the body, focus for the mind and nourishment for the soul. I would do it everyday if it was available!

– Bia

I came to a point of my life where my body said “you need to move your body”! I didn’t want to “work out”, the gym was not a option as I find it boring, always crowded and cost too much money with no support (unless you pay more money), I’m not a avid “work-out” person, I hardly exercise and didn’t know how to dance.

I love the beauty, grace and effortless movements and it tunes your mind and body with Meditation, every class is different yet the moves become familiar. Jennifer is the most amazing beautiful and kind person, her motto is “nothing is every wrong”, and when she said that, I knew right there at that moment that this is for me. Her class connects your mind, body and soul.

– Candy

Jennifer made the moves easy to follow so I could “get out of my head” as I was thinking and wondering if I was doing it “right.” I quickly dropped into my heart (for those of you who do not know what that means, trust me, you will feel it if you attend Jennifer’s class!). I moved with the music and her guidance, and found myself smiling from the inside out. I felt so connected to not just everyone in the room, but within my own body. For whatever reason, I felt beautiful! Maybe it was the setting. Maybe it was the people in the class. Maybe it was the selection of music. Maybe it was Jennifer’s gentle guidance & her calming yet exhilarating spirit. All I know is I am still hanging on to that feeling, weeks later, of recognizing my own light, my own inner beauty & my own choice to shine out into the world. After experiencing a class with Jennifer, I now “get” the Aloha Spirit! What a beautiful feeling…

– Deanna C.

Jennifer has held such a sacred space for my spirit to grow and play and laugh with the serious and silly sides of life. I’ve definitely noticed a difference in the movement of my body not only letting go of tension and emotion but also moving more gracefully. It’s like the movie Frozen.. “Let it go! Let it go!” Yes, this is exactly what it is for me.

– Nichole​

Jennifer is such a bright light. She instantly puts me in a better mood. I tend to be shy but this class helped me get out of my shell and really express myself and have fun! The music is empowering and gets you moving. Two thumbs up! I love Jennifer’s class.

– Alna
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Jennifer has a healing presence that elicits a feeling of calm, hope and infinite possibilities in me. In our sessions I feel heard, seen and safe.